California Militia Creedmore Marksman Badge- 1874

Gold presentation badge dated 1874 to Lt. George H. Strong.

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California Militia Creedmore Marksman Badge- 1874.  George H. Strong had enlisted with the Co. “E,” California 1st Infantry ( A Sharps Rifle Company) in 1869, and was commissioned a 1st Lieutenant in 1879, as well being the Inspector of Rifle Practice for this regiment.  He rose to the rank of major in 1888.

This engraved badge to Strong, recorded his score at 200 and 500 yards, were he placed 16th and 17th respectively. Engraved, “Won by Geo. H. Stong/ Nov. 26th, ’74/ Score at 200 yds  16/ ”  ”  500 yds  17.”

The gold badge is made of gold with exception to the iron pin, and enamel.  The pin broach is a Sharps 1863 3 band rifle.

37mm high.  No markings other than the engraving.

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