Cannon Priming Horn With Scrimshaw Figures


Showing Naval usage with scrimshaw ship and mermaid, and more.

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For centuries the cow horn was the main choice for carrying gun powder, and the process continued well into the first half of the 19th century.  This particular horn is a form generally recognized as a cannon priming horn, with it cone fashioned spout with spring stopper, and wooden screw plug to allow easy re-filling.  Some of these are occasionally seen marked with a British Broad Arrow mark.

This horn suggest naval use with the scrimshaw work of a sailing ship, mermaid, another human figure, a bird and four legged creature, etc.

Overall height is approximately 12 inches, running length is a bit longer. Spring for the cover is working. Wood plug and screw handle are fine as well.  Finally, there are two rings applied for sling.  A nice example used by both land and sea artillery.


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