CBI Army Officer’s Summer Uniform and Visor Hat – SOLD

With Indian made hat Eagle Insignia in Bullion.


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Uniform grouping belonging to Captain J.L. Dallas who had served in the China-Burma-India Theater, then in the Army Service Forces. The lot consists of the captain’s summer uniform coat with the above named patches, a quality officer’s shirt, and his tan visor hat with a wonderful Indian made bullion eagle hat device sewn directly to the hat. The Army Service Forces patch is machine made, and the CBI is a well theater made silk, velvet and bullion patches.  The 4 overseas bars on the left sleeve indicate 2 years. The hat is made by Knox, New York under the Superfine Brand.  The bullion eagle is sweet.

This was purchased from a collection, where it was bought direct from the veteran from Massachusetts. Captain Dallas served in the CBI and then in Panama.

All nice clean material. Not a thrilling lot, but the hat is the key here.