CB’s Identified M-1 Helmet With A Guadalcanal History – SOLD

14th Navy Construction Battalion


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R.J.Holland was the young CB who used this M-1 during the war. Although not a diary, his Haley liner acts to record enough information to conform the written history of the unit, and to know that he along with his fellows in the 14th Construction Battalion were indeed in the thick of it at Guadalcanal in late 1942 through Nov. of 1943.

M-1 steel pot has a fixed bale and his stenciled initials are on the front and back. Chinstraps are in very good condition. The liner surprisingly for the conditions in the Pacific are remarkable, yet show a good deal of use. It’s amazing Holland kept it at all!

The 14th Construction Battalion was commissioned in July and 1942, and not surprisingly, the liner perfectly records the history as written in the books; beginning Camp Allen to Camp Bradford then on to Davisville, R.I. and then Oakland. California, or as the liner informs us,”Treasure Island.” The unit embarked for overseas duty on September 9, 1942.

Arriving at New Caledonia on Sept. 29 the battalion split in two sections, and Hollands section proceeded to Guadalcanal on October 19, and arrived there on Nov. 4th. Eventually the two sections would rejoin at Guadalcanal by Dec. 23, 1942.

The 14th CB’s were known as a Special Construction Battalion, and in their case, made up of stevedores and longshoremen, experienced in off-loading cargo most needed in an organized fashion in a combat zone. The officers were largely drawn from the Merchant Marine, and their experience was essential in training enlisted personnel to operate as effectively as most ports in the States.

Action on Guadalcanal was hot and heavy for some time, from driving the Japanese occupants off the island, dealing with counterattacks, and the constant attacks by Japanese naval & air bombardment, so just image what stories could be told if helmets could talk….this one does anyway.

An extremely historic artifact from our early war in the Pacific Theater of WWII.


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