CDV- A 3 Year Old Descendant Holding An Early Family Sword

Young Waldo Redmore Smith holds an import saber, once used by an ancestor.

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This image was featured in Military Images Magazine, Vol. X, No. 6, in a sampling of images from Mike McAfee’s collection of children in or with military uniforms and weapons.

In this image, “Waldo Redmore Smith aged 3 yrs. Sept 6, 1887/  My gold medal & Revolutionary sword used by / great great grandfather Smith by his side.” Written in period ink.

Obviously the sword, no doubt from the family, but not of the Revolutionary War vintage. A great grandfather perhaps in the War of 1812 may have used the sword.  The sword is taller than the boy, and the medal I can’t identify. A small American flag lies behind Waldo.

Photographed by Mullen, Lexington, NY.

Fine condition.

I will leave what researching to you.

From the Michael McAfee Collection.

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