CDV- Accoutered Mass Private Grips His Enfield Bayonet


Sharp, quality image of MVM private wearing most of his accoutrements.

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This Massachusetts Private in frock coat, wears most of his accoutrements including, cartridge box and sling, waist belt and buckle with cap box.  One hand rests on the cartridge box lid, while his other grips tight a hold of an Enfield Rifled musket bayonet; the teardrop scabbard stud is visible coming through the separate frog on the belt.

The crown of the forage cap has “MASS” on the front, with the regimental numbers which I can’t make out, followed by the company letter.

The uniform coat, and cap are rather fresh looking, as is the bluing still on the bayonet socket.

Photographed by Huylar’s, 395 Broadway (New York City).

Excellent image quality, and in fine condition.

From the Michael McAfee Collection.


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