CDV- Brigadier General Henry Storms- N.Y.S.M. -SOLD

Nice image of Henry Storms in his 1841 pattern dress uniform- Also well known for his Military Goods Store in New York City.

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Henry Storms is seen in this E. Anthony from Brady image wearing his brigadier general Pattern 1832 full dress uniform.  His dress sword belt is most likely black velvet on leather with fine gold bullion acanthus leaf embellishment on the entire surface.  The buckle has a wreath with Engineer’s castle in the center (although not visible clearly in this shot, other views show the buckle more clearly).  The quality of this uniform you can be sure is top notch, as Storms was a well known military goods business owner in New York City which had been in operation since 1816.

General Storms commanded the 1st Brigade, N.Y.S. M. after that state’s militia reorganization in 1847.

Very good condition.

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