CDV- Captain Ira B. Sampson & Calling Card- 2nd MA. H. Artillery -SOLD

Nice image with his calling card. Sampson was a POW, escaped, recaptured, escaped again.


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Ira B. Sampson from Springfield, Mass enlisted as a Sergeant Major of the 27th Mass. Infantry on October 7, 1861, and was later discharged for promotion on December 7, 1863. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. into Company “G” of the 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery in December and sent with the regiment to the Department of Virginia and North Carolina. He was later promoted to captain in December of 1863.

His company and another were not very fortunate while stationed at Plymouth, NC, and nearly the entire two companies were taken prisoner on April 20. 1864.  They were confined at Macon, Georgia and Columbia, SC.  Sampson escaped in July at Savannah, and re-captured on the 7th, just three days after his escape.  He escaped again on March 17, 1865, while in confinement at Columbia, SC.

This image is from the Lt. Francis Ogden album; how they know each other is not known. They must have met in the north before each of them joined their respective regiments. Ogden was killed shortly after joining the 58th Mass Infantry at Spottsylvania.

Condition is fine with very light soiling; the card has a central crease.  Photographer is J.C. Spooner, Springfield, Mass.

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