CDV- Captain James P. Drouillard, 6th U.S. Infantry – SOLD

Drouillard graduated from the USMA in 1861 with Custer and other important officers from that class.

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James P. Drouillard graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1861, and  assigned to Major General McDowell’s staff.  At the battle of Bull Run, his horse killed by an exploding Confederate shell, and suffering a serious wound at the same time.  while assigned to Major General McDowell’s staff. After recovering, he was assigned to General George B. McClellan.  He went west in 1862 as the ADC to Major General Rosecrans who was commanding the Army of the Cumberland.  Rosecrans was later replaced by Major General George H. Thomas, and Drouillard remained on Rosecrans staff until the end of the war.

A number of important communiques to various commands in the Tennessee and Georgia will be found in Drouillard’s hand writing and signature.

In this image the young captain is seen in frock, full rigged belt with revolver and holster, and holding what appears to be a artillery saber.

From the Mike McAfee Collection.

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