CDV- Early Indian Wars Infantry Private In Dress Uniform – SOLD

A scarce image of an infantry private in his 1872 uniform.

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A this scarce image shows several different aspects of the army uniform of the early Indian Wars era.  This private poses before the camera at attention holding his 1873 Springfield Rifle, wearing his dress uniform of the 1872 pattern.

He is most certain regular army (note the buttons on the cuff close to the points of the cuff facings), armed with this “Trapdoor”, ’72 shako, and the Model 1872 infantry waist belt.  The shako lacks the stamped brass infantry horn, which was placed just below the (blurred) eagle shako plate.  The private’s belt was designed to be used with the 1872 Brace System, worn separately in garrison, and with the brace system in the field. A new infantry brace system was issued in 1875, which was a different configuration; the buckle and the placement of the brace yoke loops, similar as seen in this image (1875 loops for yoke were brazed to the upper outer edges of the belt plate).

This has to be a rather early view of the new army uniform, or a unit to remote to have received all of the Quartermaster stores needed to complete the shako with its horn insignia.  I can’t make out the unit by the placement of numerals on the collar facings.  If I had to guess, I would say either the 13th or 15th Infantry.

No backmark to lend a clue as to where this was taken.

A great study image on the 1872 infantry uniform.

Fine condition.

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