CDV- Group Photo Of 7th N.Y. In Washington, 1861 – SOLD

A nice view of 5 7th NY Regt. soldiers, among them, Joel B. Erhardt, a gentleman of some note.

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This image of five men from the 7th New York Regiment was taken in May of 1861, at Washington, D.C.  The very relaxed group poses for this unidentified photograph in studio, with one of these men, “Jenkins” asleep (or pretending to be) in a cosy. Standing behind him is Joel Benedict Erhardt, a gentleman of some distinction in the Civil War and after.  He has a decent biography which can be found easily on the net,  mentioning a number of his accomplishments.

Erhardt had wanted to fight, and joined several regiments from New York hoping to find the war up close and personal, finally achieving that goal with the 7th New York, but only briefly.  In October of 1861, he helped raise a company of the 1st Vermont Cavalry, and fought with the regiment through some very hard fighting in its service time, including the Battle of Gettysburg. Very few cavalry regiments during the Civil War could match the record attained by the 1st Vermonters.

The most likely candidate for “Jenkins” would be Elisa J.Jenkins.

I have not researched the two officers or the others.

A nice photo in very good condition, trimmed on the sides.

From the Michael McAfee Collection.

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