CDV Of Sam Houston – American General -Statesman – Governor


Houston’s photo is from the General Robert Patterson family album.

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CDV Of Sam Houston – American General -Statesman – Governor.  This image was owned and maintained in the General Robert Patterson family album until recently. The album page was noted “Uncle Houston” in pencil just below the image (I have included that shot).  It would appear to be a photograph taken from a daguerreotype from the 1850’s.  I have not been able to find another like it. There is no photographer back mark, but only the remains of a Revenue stamp, indication it was photographed sometime in the Civil War era.

Houston’s history and accomplishments are numerous, beginning with his days in early Texas; the rebellion, the fight for independence from Mexico, and the annexation by the U.S. in 1845.  Houston was president of Texas, 6th Governor of Tennessee, and 7th Governor of Texas, and much more..

The image is in fine condition, not the usual pose seen in the many photographs of him through the years.  It image would appear to be from the early 1850’s.

The pencil notation on the reverse is mine, and initially recorded the album to belong to Patterson’s son, Robert Emmit.

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