CDV- Reverend John Pierpont, Chaplain Of The 22nd Mass Vols. – SOLD

A nice portrait of the 76 year old chaplain of the 22nd Mass Vols; a man of many hats.

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A full standing portrait of the Reverend John Pierpont who served as the chaplain of the 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry for about two months prior to taking a position in the Treasury Department.  He was 76 at the time, and would hold that position in Washington until his death in 1866.

Pierpont (born 1785), was a man who held several titles, among them, poet, teacher, author, Unitarian minister, merchant, etc. He was an abolitionist, being referred to as the “Poet of the Abolitionist Movement,”and temperance activist.

Rev. Pierpont is seen here holding his forage cap with the numerals “22.” His name is written in period ink on the mount.  No photographer seen as the reverse side has a good deal of glue and paper residue from having been in a scrap album. (I have another image of a chaplain listed elsewhere in the same studio and most likely taken in the same period; that image taken by John A. Heard, Boston).

Fine quality image.

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