CDV- Scarcer View of MGen. Phil Sheridan – SOLD

Not a common image of Sheridan, taken by Hoag & Quick’s, Cincinnati, Ohio.


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A nice image of Major General Philip Sheridan, taken by Hoag & Quick’s Art Palace, Cincinnati, Ohio.  The reverse side has a 2 cent revenue stamp cancelled by the photographer(s) “HQ.”

The condition is fine.

Not a great deal of need to give a history for Sheridan; his Civil War and Indian Wars history is widely known and to in depth to write here.

This photo came from the Ogden album, and is somewhat of a puzzler.  Hoag & Quick according to the Library of Congress, were at the address on this cdv from 1862 to 1865. Although Sheridan made major general of Volunteer rank in late 1862, this image has a later look to me.  If this is a later image, then it is doubtful that the image was placed in the album by Lt. Ogden.  The reverse has written, “Father from Lully.” making singularly impossible with placement by Ogden.

There is a G.A.R. officer’s member badge that came with the album, and it may be “Lully” who is related to Ogden, and placed the Sheridan cdv. Research, research, research!

See the badge listed separately.


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