CDV & Voucher Signed by Nicolas J Sappington SOLD

Both voucher and CDV are signed by Capt. Sappington, CS of Volunteers, and commander of Elmira POW Camp, Elmira, New York, 1864-65.

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CDV & Voucher Signed by Nicolas J Sappington.  A Marylander, Captain, and Brevet Major of U.S. Volunteers Commissary of Subsistence Department. Entered U.S. service in September of 1861, and mustered out in 1866.

The back of the carte reads, Tinted Bust Shot Signed By Nicolas J. Sappinton.  Signed on the reverse, “Yours Truly / N.J. Sappington / Capt. & C.S. / Residence 229 Ross /St. Balt./ Md.”

Sappington also commanded Elmira Prison Camp from 1864-65.

The voucher dated foe May 1 to May 31, 1862, for pay for himself and servant.

Both are in fine condition.

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