CDV- Young Man Down On His Luck SOLD

Drunkard? Homeless? Perhaps a staged photograph?


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At first glance you see a man, not carrying too much age, leaning over as if decades older.  Wearing clothing in deplorable condition and literally coming out of his boots, he poses for the photographer who has offered up a tumbler and bottle of whiskey for this seemingly wandering nomad.

If this man is for real, truly down on his luck he is rather clean. The toe exposed from the right boot looks void of the filth one would associate with walking a good distance. The hands look clean as well, the face is clean shaven. Where did he get the money to buy a photograph and frankly who would want it!  Whiskey cost as much as the photograph or more; and finally the pipe in his mouth is upside down- a bad habit to get into if you want to keep what little tobacco you can afford to smoke.

If he truly is that bad off, then the photographer, T.H. Gettys, Bedford, Penna. coaxes him into the studio with the whiskey.

This is what makes photography fun!

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