CDVs of William Roscoe Livermore- USMA Class of 1865. – SOLD

An accomplished engineer, author, surveyor and mapper, etc., Livermore attained the rank of colonel.

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William Roscoe Livermore (1844-1919), born in Massachusetts, graduated from Harvard and the USMA during the Civil War years.  Upon graduation in 1865, be joined the Corps of Engineers, steadily raising to the rank of colonel by 1904.  During his time in the military, he work on many projects, in many places. His talents were employed at the Naval War College, fortifications in forts in Florida, laying the first cable from the U.S. to Havana, lighthouses in the Northwest, and other locations, surveying the Great Lakes and Texas.  He published a manual on tactics, Maneuvers for Infantry 1884, worked on firearms development (magazines for automatic weapons).  He authored several books and articles on military topics. Much more.

Livermore retired in 1907 with the rank of colonel, but in 1917 returned to active duty and worked in Washington at the office of the Chief Of United States Engineers until his death in 1919.

The images are great quality, with one taken in his cadet gray jacket, and white trousers, while holding his forage cap in a full standing pose.  No photographer back-mark.

In the next image, he is wearing a blue frock and trousers, with a great shot of his forage cap, showing the insignia worn during the Civil War years.  This was taken by Warren, Cambridgeport, Mass.  Livermore is identified with pencil on the reverse side of this image.

Condition is fine on both.

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