Chester W. Nimitz Autograph & Sailor’s Photo Album, Etc.


A small but significant pre-WWII group with signature and photo of future Admiral Nimitz, belonging to a machinist mate.

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This small grouping of material belonged to U.S. Navy Machinist Mate Thomas A. Stone, covering a period from the early 1930s to early WWII. In 1932, Stone was attending the machinist mate school onboard the U.S.S. Rigel at San Diego, Cal. and accompanying this group is a large photo of the class with then Captain Chester W. Nimitz seated prominently front and center.  There is also a signed Nimitz certificate from the school encased in a black plastic frame (6×8).  Apparently have plenty of time on his hands either Stone or someone else made the frame, and took the time to drill 28 tiny holes for 28 tiny brass screws to keep frame and certificate together.

The Nimitz signature is boldly signed. The large group photo is in excellent condition.

The photo album cover is in very good condition, and has over 100 snap shot photos within The  album is oblong, swede leather with painted figures, and put together while Stone was on board the U.S.S. Marcus. There are sections for signatures and addresses of the crew, etc., over 100 snap shots of crew, ships, family, Panama Canal photos  showing battleships and aircraft carriers, etc.  Some photo missing, but largely a full album.

There are some documents within the album; a receipt for a used Model “T” dated 1930 from Dreyer Motor Co., Texarkana, Ark, a “Restricted” Information letter about the duty of the U.S.S. Holland part of Task Force Six, not dated, but seems to be just after the beginning of the WWII. Also written, ” Do not throw anything, report anything in the water and observe the same high standard of darken ship discipline we maintained enroute Pearl to Manila. (signed) P.E. Pendleton, commander.”  Two other early war documents, the first dated Feb. 1942 to Stone and another in Sept of 42 as well concerning promotion on board the HOLLAND.

Minor wear to the album, but better than most encountered.

A nice little group with some history and autograph content.


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