Civil War Dated Steamer Freight Receipt For Artillery Equipment


Possibly signed by Chief of Ordnance Lt. Col. George D. Ramsey, Jan. 14, 1863.

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Civil War Dated Steamer Freight Receipt for “6 boxes of traces.”  I am assuming trace chains for artillery use.

The receipt was likely made out as a copy for Col. Ramsey’s records, as the receipt has no signature.  Nice vignette of a steamer ship, and with decorative border.

Ramsey was a career army officer; USMA graduate.  He was chief of ordnance for Gen. Zachary Taylor during the Mexican War.  Promoted to Chief of Ordnance in 1863. Ramsey was made inspector of Arsenals in 1864 -66. His last assignment was commanding the Washington Arsenal to 1870, there retiring for the service.

Fine condition.


Brigadier General George D. Ramsey

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