Civil War Era Hardee Hat Eagle


A transitional piece of insignia that may have been used on the new 1972 officer’s shako.

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Normally you don’t see Hardee hat eagles for officers cut down in this fashion, but what think happened here was the insignia was used on the new 1872 officers shako.  There are traces of original stitching used to sew on the helmet. The ’72 eagle insignia are small than this piece, but not by a great deal.  I have owned a few examples were Civil War insignia was used on the new regulation headgear as a cost saving measure to the owner.

This bullion insignia uses several types of gilt wire that tones differently giving this great patinaed look.  The use of sequins is prolific and effective.  All sewn down on black wool, with exposed underside.

2.5 inches high.  Condition is very good- fine.


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