Civil War Images of Mounted Cavalryman – SOLD

A gallery card and CDV of the same cavalryman in the Army of the Potomac.


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This lot consists of two images; one is a gallery card sized image of a trooper on horse, and a carte de visite of the same soldier in studio.  He is unnamed, but most definitely the same man.

The card has an applied label, “GIBSON’S Photograph Gallery, Army of Potomac.”

The trooper has the unmistakable upturned visor on his forage cap, short beard, and knee high boots. He also appears to be wearing a Mann’s cavalry saber belt.

There is water staining on the card, affecting some of the perimeter of the image. The image is clear however, and a super shot showing uniform and equipment being used. The CDV was shot in studio, with painted backdrop; the trooper cared little for preparing himself for a lasting impression in history. Both make for an excellent glimpse into the world of the Civil War cavalryman.

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