Civil War Period Ambrotype Photograph of Father & Daughter – SOLD

The American Flag Used In This Patriotic Backdrop


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Mom may have let this young lady out for the day with her father, perhaps one of the last times to be together,  leaving soon to volunteer in one of the many regiments being raised at the beginning of the Civil War. They are seated in what appears to be a studio, with the father seated with his daughter on his lap. Both are well dressed, and the photographer has highlighted their finery in gilt as well as adding some color to their cheeks.

The  American Flag or possibly bunting is draped behind giving that patriotic effect. At a quick glance it can appear in certain light that the canton of the flag is tinted in a light shade of blue, but it is either my eyes, or the light that does this.

The image is an ambrotype in 1/6th plate (2 3/4 x 3 1/4 with mat) size, and a nice leatherette case has protected this image from that time, missing only the closure hook. No photographer information, and original location unknown other than obviously north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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