Civil War Regulation Artillery Horse Blanket – SOLD

Original Civil War Artillery Horse Blanket


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One of the scarcer textile items of the Civil War is the regulation Artillery horse blanket. Besides the scarcity due to hard service and discarding after or during the war, these blankets as any other would have had use for any average American home at the time.  Constructed of solid red wool incorporating black intersecting stripes on every edge, and a triple stitched “U S” in black wool as well.

Generally in very good condition the blanket shows signs of wear, with heavy fraying to one edge in particular. Sporadic holing, due to wear, or mothing, but looking at the pictures you can see the condition for an item that rarely exists on the market, to be in rather pleasing shape. Even the “U S” is largely intact, and this would have been the feature to disappear first.

Unfortunately there is no historical attribution associated with this scarce Civil War Blanket.

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