Civil War Ruby Ambrotype Of Two Union Soldiers Smoking Cigars

Two buddies with turned up brims, smoking cigars and looking sauced; one wearing ID badge.

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The two soldiers in this ruby 1/4 plate ambrotype, sit side by side, each resting is arm on the other. Their forage cap brims are upturned, as they puff on their cigars. The soldier on the left has a shield shaped identification badge pinned on the left side of his frock. Not to be confused, your left for the soldier, but the image is in reverse and thus the badge is on his left (appearing as right). Their expressions are either play acting for the camera, or they have had a bit too much to drink.

No id to the soldiers.

Fine condition, only missing the gilt mat.  Leatherette case has been repaired at the hinge.

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Weight .5 lbs