Collins & Co. Machete – Modified By AAF Airman – 1944


Shortened machete and scabbard with sawback blade modification, initialed by AAF airman.

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Made by Collins & Co. this machete has been modified into a survival/ fighting knife. Both blade and scabbard have been shortened; in the case of the blade, to 10 inches. The black bakelite grips have been filed down slightly in a few areas. The blade ends in a dull point, and a saw back section was added just forward of the grip, for sawing wood, brush, etc.

The scabbard, cut to length has the original throat section added to the top. The two leather belt loops appear to be replaced, clued by the newer copper rivets. Just under the throat are stamped the owners initials, “C.E.D.” and below that on the vertical are the letters, “USAAF 1944.”  Condition very good with some stitching toward the throat.

Blade in very good condition, visible is the Collin label that was on the blade originally.  My guess would be a knife used by a GI in the Pacific theater.

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