Colored American Uniform Guide Printed In Germany Circa 1913


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Printed in Germany, and in German text, however, by De Witt Clinton Falls, 7th Regt. New York.

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“Die Armee der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Von de Witt Clinton Falls, Captain-Adjutant 7.. Infantry National Guard, New York. Printed in Leipzig.   General deWitt Clinton Falls, Jr. was a member of the 7th Regiment New York for many years, serving as a private in 1886 to captain in 1899.  He rose to major to colonel during WWI in the NY State National Guard, and retired as a brigadier general in 1928.  In civilian life he was an artist, writer, expert on military heraldry, and a designer of military insignia.

This copy of a German booklet of uniforms worn by the American Army was most likely done in 1913, as it is dated and signed on the title page by the owner “H. Benham.” This small format booklet (5x 7.5″) has 23 pages of text, and 14 full color plates of uniforms of every rank, and includes insignia, chevrons, flags, and more.

Split completely at the spine, separating the text from the plate sections, but nothing is missing.  Roughness around the edges of paper wrap covers. Plates are in fine condition.  The back cover contains a list of other publications of German and other nationalities uniforms etc.

Nice piece, with great color plates.  Nice color reference.

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