COLT’S, Hartford, Conn Employee Badge. – SOLD

Aluminum badge made by Whitehead & Hoag, Newark, N.J. from the WWII era.

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The Colt’s Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Conn during the WWII period devoted its production to supplying the U.S. Government with over 629,000 Model 1911 A1 automatic pistols, along with the M1917 Water-cooled machineguns. Colts employeed a workforce of approximately 15,000 men and women during wartime.

This badge, made by Whitehead & Hoag, Newark, N.J.; produced in aluminum, with edge stamped with the company name.  The employee number is within a plastic protector with blue borders.  Colt ran three different plants during the war, and the color most likely which plant this particular employee worked.

38mm diameter.

Pin back with locking ring.

Excellent condition.

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Weight .5 lbs