Columbian Centinel January 18. 1815- Invasion Of New Orleans


Newspaper covers the story of the impeding invasion by the British and Gen. Jacksons General Orders.

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Columbian Centinel January 18. 1815- Invasion Of New Orleans.  Newspaper printed in Boston, Mass, Wednesday Jan. 18th.  4 pages. Article on the Invasion of New Orleans, and General Andrew Jacksons, remarks and General Orders appear on page 2. The newspaper has the typical local news; government, ads, local stories, etc.  The last page has a very informative chart showing the mortality rate by category in Boston from Dec. 31, 1813 -Jan. 1815.

Included also is the Columbian Centinel for Wednesday, June 4, 1817, covering the same types of stories, etc, but this one covers information regarding the Treaty of Ghent. A speech by Governor J. Brooks cover all manner of issues including the militia (Brooks was a general in the MVM, and a Minuteman who answered the alarm of April 19. 1775 at Lexington and Concord).

Both newspapers have issues such as light staining, wear, etc. The earliest paper has tears at the center fold and roughness on the edges.  Being sold for the historical content.


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