Document – Arms Issued For Operation “Fustian” 1943 – SOLD

FUSTIAN was a British Airborne operation taken during the invasion of Sicily in July of 1943.


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This original two page British wartime document titled, ” PARTY TABLE ‘FUSTIAN’ – SPECIAL PARTIES.” concerns various issuing of arms and equipment to this small number of personnel.  Last names are recorded with rank and ratings, with the type of weapon issued and their serial numbers. All supplied from the Royal Navy Barracks, Gunnery Office on 3rd June, 1943.  Signed by “W.G. English, Lieutenant, R.N. (Royal Navy), Officer in Charge of Party.”  A notation on the upper left hand corner identifies this document going to “Sub. Lt. Tupman.”

Condition is very good, with some small separations in folds, etc.  2 staples hold the document together.

Operation Fustion was an airborne forces operation during the Allied invasion of Sicily in July of 1943.  It involved the 1st Parachute Brigade of the British 1st AB Division, 3rd Brigade Commandos, etc.  Their objective was the Primosole Bridge on the Simeto River, with the intention of securing the bridge in support of the British XIII Corps, and thus giving British 8th Army access to the Catania Plain for a rapid advance across Sicily.  No. 3 Commando was brought ashore by Royal Navy Gun Boats, from HMS Prince Albert, and it may be these troops named in this document, came from the ship.  More research needed, but no doubt a scarce document.

These listed serial numbers are valuable to gun collects as well.






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