Early Federal Period Cartridge Box – SOLD

Civil War Remington New Model Army Revolver


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A very interesting variant I haven’t encountered before.

The black bridle leather box has the classic one piece flap, nailed to the lower rare of the box. The flap is 10” at its widest. A ¼” scribe line enhances the flap. The box proper is 8 7/8”.

A metal plate nailed to the flap interacts with a 1/16” iron bar that act as the box closure.

The wooden block is the interesting variation, with 23 drilled holes that accept a .75 caliber paper cartridge.

To the far left center is another hole drilled a bit narrower, and flares at then top, mimicking the width of the cartridge holes. Heavy black residue, from black powder stains the inner hole.

It must have held a pan brush originally. The other side has a hole drilled of small dimension to possibly accept a tool of some type. Belt loops made for a 2” belt, are incorporated in the back, completing the boxes’ construction.

The cartridge box has received some needed restoration, with the right side piece replacing the original long gone. The work is fabulous and if not mentioned would escape scrutiny.

Flaking on the top of the flap has been retarded to prevent further loss.

I place the period of use to be the 1790-1810.

An interesting, early American item.

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