Extremely Rare Civil War Filter Canteen


C.Booth Patent Filter Canteen

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This is a standard smooth sided canteen, covered in brown wool. It has the standard pewter spout, and the three applied tin guides for the linen sling with is not present if ever on the canteen originally.

The filter component consists of a standard cork to which is applied a C. Booth, May 25th 18- (Unfortunately the date has been buried under solder ) patented filter spout. The spout is 1 3/8″high (above the base) which includes the base and the spout itself. One top of the spout is copper stopper with attached chain, which connects to the spout base ring.  Under the spout base there is a wide tube that runs through the cork (1 1/4″ below base) that would have held the tube that went into the canteen (missing).  The pewter has a hold drilled in as do most other filter canteens presumably to facilitate water flow.

There is a narrow brown twisted twine that holds the spout to the canteen, tied off at one of the sling guides.

Condition is fine +.  There is not one similar to this pictured in the Canteen book by O’Donnell.

Finally, Booth made canteen under contract to the Government with Hadden, Porter and Booth, Philadelphia. I have not found any info to date on Booth’s filter canteen.

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