Framed Flier/Card For The New 1881 Helmets


Scarce and early advertising framed illustrated fliers

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When I was collecting Indian Wars headgear in the late 80’s-90’s I wanted to round out the collection with anything pertaining to the Army’s issued helmets that I could find. I found several of the regalia company’s catalogues that contained not only U.S. military headgear but national guard, and fraternal groups, etc.  I never found but one of what is being offered here; a framed small foldout flier from the J.H. Wilson, Military and Naval Goods Retailer, Philadelphia, and an illustrated postal card ( I have never opened the back to see if it was mailed) for Army contractors Raymold & Whitlock, New York.

Wilson’s flier contains a price list for not only helmets but other officer’s equipments. Its approximate size when opened is 6×10. The flier shows officer and enlisted headgear, and both mounted and dismounted examples.

The Raymold & Whitlock postal card offers the new regulation helmet of the various national guard units in the country. The “new” regulation helmet would be offered I assume around the date adopted, that being 1881. And surmising that these items were framed together, might mean they were found together (part of an officer’s grouping) making the Wilson flier of the same period.

Both are in excellent condition. The postal card has some pencil figuring on it.

You will find many a helmet before finding things of an ephemeral nature as these, and equally important to the overall presentation of a collection.

Frame size is 13 inches square.


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