G.A.R. Cavalry Veteran’s Jeweler Made Badge

A finely crafted badge using gold and silver properties along with rhinestones for embellishment.

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G.A.R. Cavalry Veteran’s Jeweler made badge having a smaller G.A.R. star medallion (32mm point to point), with 3 tiny rhinestones placed at each point (one stone missing), suspended from gilt chains from silver crossed sabers. the hilts are either a low karat gold or bronze, as well as the star. The center of the star, which does appear to be gold with white and blue enameling, has a monogram, “GV.” The sabers act as the pin brooch, and the heavy pin has a looped open catch.

There are no markings

Approximately 2.5 inches high.

I have no history on the badge. Certainly a great looking piece, and I don’t believe a common one.

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Weight .5 lbs