General Robert E. Lee Monument Ribbon and Piece of Rope. SOLD

The Rope Was Used To Haul The Corner Stone By the Boy & Men Of Richmond.


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You have to love relics and souvenirs like this; remembering way back, or reading about an event is one thing, but to look upon a object someone was sentimentally moved to save really pulls you into to that time again.

The corner stone for General Robert E. Lee’s Monument was placed on site October, 27th, 1887. Huge amount of local families as well as many old Confederate Veterans lined the Streets to see this grand event, and even more impressive was allowing the “Boys & Men of Richmond” to haul the corner stone into place. I wish the person who thought so highly of this occasion would have left his name with us, but did leave this original section of rope used that day, and a souvenir ribbon that commemorated the event.

The light gray silk ribbon is 2 1/4 inches wide and nearly 7 inches long; lettering is in red and the bust of Lee in Black, with a facsimile signature below the bust. There are some traces of paper and glue on the reverse side from when the ribbon was once placed in an album. The glue is not affecting the front surface.

The rope or hemp was wrapped in some ¬†business paper, and then placed in the small envelope 2 1/2 x 4 inches approximately. One the inside paper used as wrapper, in period ink, “Lee Monu/ment.” On the envelope, “Piece of Rope by which the boys & Men of Richmond hauled the Lee Monument in Place.”

General Lee had passed away some seventeen years since the monument was raised in his honor. Probably one, if not the most beloved individual from the southern United States in our history.


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