Grouping For Colonel Isaac Dyer, 15th Maine Infantry

Group consists of Dyer’s CDV, buttons, both federal and Maine state, Copy of coded letter from Confederate Gen. Frank Gardner, etc.

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This is a small grouping from the archive of material belonging to Colonel Isaac Dyer, of the 15th Maine Infantry. The principle piece is a copy of a coded message between Confederate Generals Frank Gardner, and Joseph Johnston during the Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana, dated June 8, 1863. The secret coded letter was a period autographed copy by Col. Dyer himself, along with the period envelope with annotation to the contents. General Gardner was in command at Port Hudson, and undertook the assignment of fortifying the place against a massive federal army, and a siege that lasted 47 days before the surrender in July.  I don’t have the uncoded message, but most of these would have been informing Gardner’s commanders, Johnston (and Pemberton), of his status, needs, and need information as to support, supplies, and relief.

The 15th Maine, commanded by Dyer were an active unit in the Siege, and most like this particular message came into the possession of the 15th Maine, before forwarding on to Bank’s headquarters.

Col. Dyer, in a fine frock coat with velvet collar, with a Napoleonic “hand in coat”pose, taken by Gorden, Photographer, Skowhegan, Maine.  Pencil notations on the reverse are not in Dyer’s.

Included also are a pair of Maine State coat buttons (Extra Quality), and a pair of Infantry “I” buttons (D.Evans). All of the buttons are in excellent condition, with one infantry button having some patina, but would clean up nicely.

The final item is a G.A.R. lapel stud of bronze metal,

Isaac Dyer was commission LtCol. and later Colonel in 1862, commanded the 15th Maine in operations in Louisiana, and Texas, and later in Virginia until the end of the war.

A nice little group that would be perfect for framing.