Grouping For Sergeant Charles McGown, 2nd Artillery


Appointments, printed illustrated roster, insignia, plate glass negatives, etc. One appointment signed twice by Fox Conner, “the man who made Eisenhower.”

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This grouping belonged to Charles W. McGown, a member of Company “I” 2nd U.S. Artillery Regiment. His service we gather was during the Spanish American War, a there were no other documents to suggest his service was before 1898, and not after 1899.

The group consists of :

  • Corporal’s appointment,  dated 15 July, 1898, at Fort Adams, Rhode Island.  It is signed by his commanding officer, William L. Haskins, Lt. Colonel, Artillery. and the regimental adjutant, 1st Lt. S.S. Jordan.
  • Sergeant’s appointment,  dated 9 October, 1898, at Fort Adams.  Signed again by LtCol Haskins, and twice by 2nd Lt. Fox Connor, Acting Adjutant.
  • Sergeant’s appointment, dated 6 May, 1899, at Camp Vedada, Cuba, and by George F. Barney, Captain, and Acting Regt. QMtr.
  • Battery “I” 2nd Artillery Roster, Spanish American War. 19.5 x 22 inches.
  • 1880 eagle plate for dress helmet.
  • Three  2nd artillery 1896 pattern cap insignia for Co. “I.”  All have thumb screws.
  • Three glass plate negatives from McGown’s Spanish War days.  One has been developed.
  • All of the small items were contained in a period cigar box with a few other miscellaneous items.

Very good to fine condition on all items overall.

Wm. L. Haskins, served in the Civil War, and retired in 1903 as a brigadier general.  Breveted captain for gallant and meritorious service in the capture of Port Hudson, La, 1863.  He remained in the artillery his entire career.  He would later command all the troops in Cuba, as American troops began to return to the States.

Fox Connor, graduated from the USMA, Class of 1898.  Fort Adams was his first posting.  During WWI, Connor was on General Pershing’s Headquarters Staff, assigned to G-3, and later the assistance Chief of Staff. In 1921, BGen. Connor was sent to command the 20th Infantry Brigade in Panama. Connor invited Dwight D. Eisenhower to join his staff, and for the next three years became the mentor to many officers who would play a vital role as general officers in WWII.  All that Eisenhower learned in those three year were instrumental in molding the commander that Eisenhower became as the Supreme Command of all Allied Forces in the European Theater of Operation in WWII. Connor is best remembered as “the man who made Eisenhower.”


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