Guam Coconut Shell Art -1945


“BOB” sent (or brought) this coconut shell home from the war with painted B-29.

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This souvenir came from the Island of Guam during WWII, brought home by “Bob.” Whether Bob painted it or not is a mystery, but my guess is that he did. Simple colors and theme can be created by anyone, but where this coconut is identified with white paint in the cursive, I’m giving Bob the credit, not a local.

The sleek lines of the plane, and as viewed from Guam, this certainly looks like a simple rendition of a B-29 Super Fortress Bomber. A pair of coconut trees sway in the tropical breeze, holding on to their fruit, other than this one. Bob did a nice job.

It was well thought of as the condition is excellent. The color is great, and only a few minor flaws in the paint.

Overall length 12 inches, and height as viewed is 7 1/4 inches.

Out of the norm, and a REAL live Guam souvenir from the Pacific Theater.


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