Hampden – MOLLY STARK, Lady’s Hunt Case Pocket Watch – SOLD

A beautiful Lady’s Gold Filled Hunt Case Pocket Watch


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This Hampden Hunt Case Pocket Watch is for a Lady. It is beautifully decorated on the front and back.  Note that there are no initials in the middle, so it’s ready for someone to give as a gift.

On the inside is stamped “MOLLY STARK”, SN 2790756000S.

Keeps great time and works wonderfully.  You have to wind it (but not too tight) every day.

It measures approx 33-34 ml, which is about a size 000?.

This is a 7 jewel, gold-filled pocket watch with a hunt case.

I do not know the year this was made.

The hunt case is gold-filled also and the SN 8279687 is stamped on both sides of the inside of the case.

This is a working pocket watch and it’s very nice and clean, used, showing minor wear, keeping   It opens/closes very nicely.

This watch came out of a large collection from a watch collector many years ago. He may/may not have reworked it.  I am not a repairman, I cannot open up the inside to give any more information.


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Weight 1 lbs