Hand-carved Wood G.A.R. Monogram


Once hung in the G.A.R. Hall in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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An historical piece that can fit into several categories ranging from military significance to art appreciation. This period framed hand-carved monogram was made for either a Civil War veteran, William Stiles Loomis, a 2nd Lieutenant in the 46th Massachusetts Volunteers, and or given or made for the Holyoke, Massachusetts Grand Army Hall in that city.  The framer’s tag on the back is dated December 28, 1909, and on that tag is the name of “W.S. Loomis, Holyoke, Mass.”

The finely carved and hand cut monogram must have been a nightmare to create, as just thinking of getting hours into it, and breaking a small piece, thus having to start over. The wood panel was originally about 12x 15 inches (or more), and about 1/8 inch thick, before the artist began.  He incorporated not only the initials of the G.A.R. but all the military symbols seen on the membership badges; muskets, sabers, cannon, anchor, and all surmounted by a spread-winged eagle with flowing banner in its beak. Linking all of these figures together is a finely detailed floral vines with some of the larger sections having chip carving to further embellish the work.

The carving was laid down on black wool which shows some damage (tearing). This is very hard to see unless you are right up on the piece. The frame is made of a beveled oak with inner gesso figured molding. Overall size is 19×23 approximately. The original glass has that great old wavy look.

William S. Loomis was 21 years of age when he enlisted in the 46th Mass Vols. as a sergeant in October of 1862. His regiment enlisted to serve for 9 months in North Carolina (Goldsboro Expedition, etc.). He was promoted during the war to 2nd Lieutenant on Jan. 7th, 1863.  Loomis was a member of G.A.R. Post 71,(Kilpatrick Post), Holyoke.  He was born in Monson, Mass, and lived in Holyoke after the war; passing away in 1914.

Truly a great piece of art and history all in one.

Probably will be sent UPS or other freighting company, with cost to be determined once destination is known.

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