Italian Theater – 88th ID Bookends With HQ DUIs


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A nice set of bookends, made during Italian occupation, utilizing rare 88th ID Headquarters Di’s.

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Italian Theater – 88th ID Bookends With HQ DUIs
These bookends are identically made other than the individualized identification to the 88th Division soldier who purchased these during occupation. 
These are fancy, well made souvenirs are made predominately of US artillery howitzer shells, (110 mm M-2), and are embellished with copper renditions of the Gorizia Castle of that city  (which was returned to Italy in 1947, having been held by the Nazis and then the Yugoslavian Army, until the Allied, specifically the 88th Infantry Division takeover in 1946). The half round wood bases having expended cartridges lining the border, and most importantly the rare Headquarters DUIs for the  88th applied to the shells.  The brass shells are engraved with the name of the owner, “George F. Vandegrift, 88th Div. Band.” The back of the shells are filled with wood blocks covered in a pink satin material.  
These are complete and in fine condition.  
They stand 7 inches tall. These bookends have some heft to them.
Please refer to the photos for condition and detail.

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