J.R. Gaunt Sterling Captain’s Rank Bars- Birmingham Letter Dates.


Very scarce letter dated Birmingham made and marked J.R. Gaunt & Sons captain’s bars.

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Made by “J.R. Gaunt & Sons, London / Sterling” and also bearing the markings on each rank bar, “JRG&S” ( in separate cartouche) and a set of Birmingham, England hallmark with an anchor / lion / and later date. The letter date on one bar is “S” and the other “U” (both capital letters), representing the years respectively, 1943 and 1944.

I bought these in a WWII insignia grouping, consisting of various insignia with no identification to original owner. I can only assume with the different dates, this unknown captain must have been stationed in Birmingham from 1943 and was training for the invasion until 1944.  Or, he could have bought these in London; I have no idea if Gaunt had this made for them in other places by other jewelers.  They could have been batched and bought at the same time? Regardless, I found them together, and find it hard to believe it to be a luck coincidence.

None-the-less, it is a great opportunity to have a scarce pair of hallmarked, maker marked, farmed out, letter dated English made, American training, most likely D-Day officer’s rank bars!

In fine condition.

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