Kidney Shaped Powder Flask With American Flag


Nicely painted tin/tole wear style powder flask Circa 1830.

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Some believe this tins to be militia canteens, but I feel they are commercially made powder tins, ready to be worn and used for hunting.  This kidney shaped tin measuring 6 inches high by 2 inches at its widest, was originally sold with a  japanned finish, and later decorated, as was common to do with tin wear, with painted borders, florals etc., and in this example embellished with a crude, folky American flag, waving on pole.

There are two small tin loops for heavy twine sling to be applied for sling use.  A simple cork is now used for a stopper and shows sufficient wear and patina to be original.

A good amount of the original paint survives.  Typical wear with small dings, rubs and chipping to finish, but overall would rate as very good.  The American flags makes it rather a special piece, having been used by a hunter or militiaman; perhaps both.


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