Korean War MP’s Ike- Korean Communication Zone – SOLD

WWII Ike worn by a military police corporal during the Korean War.

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The “Ike” jacket is contract dated 1944, but was still being worn in the 1953-55 period. Obviously, the jacket could have been worn by this individual prior, but it is the 2nd pattern patch for the Korean Communication Zone that locks this into that  2 year window.  The 2 overseas stripes on the right cuff, representing at least one year puts this MP overseas with the 8th Army prior to assignment with the Korean Com Z.

This unidentified MP, with only his last name initial and last 4 of the ASN had prior service in the machine embroidered 8th Army, signified by that unit’s patch on the right sleeve. The Korean Communication Zone patch is most likely Korean or Japanese made, direct embroidery on green wool. The torch represents the early practice of warning danger to the region by use of torch. A DUI for this unit (clutch back) is worn on the right breast pocket.

The collar insignia are convex chrome disks, US and MP, Good Conduct, National Defense, Korean War Campaign, Korean UN Medals, and an Expert Marksman badge with “Pistol” bar.

A Korean made MP armband made of black leather, backed with linen having white leather sewn on with the Korean translation for “MP” sewn on below.  “U.S. Army” is embroidered in light orange thread, now a bit darkened. Glue residue is seen on the back having been pasted within an album some time ago.  I bought this armband in a different collection, and added it to the uniform.  Makes for a good look, and would be most appropriate, as these Korean made armbands are seen time to time. The name on the armband, “KREDER” does not match any of the letters found on the inside of the Ike jacket.

Finally is a parade ascot of green cotton for military police, that came with the uniform and I believe it to be original with the uniform.

A clean military police Ike.

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