Large Archive For Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood, USN (2nd Part) – SOLD

Admiral Hopwood was Commander-In-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, 1957-1960. This lot contains uniforms, medals, photos, documents, and presentation silver, and much more.

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This is a fabulous archive of material  Herbert Gladstone Hopwood, Admiral, U.S. Navy, (Ret.), which covers mostly his career as Commander-In-Chief, Of U.S. Pacific Fleet, 1957- 1960.

Admiral Hopwood was born November 23, 1898 in Mt. Carmel, PA. He attended public schools in Shamokin, Pa and made it his home of record.  He was a U.S. Naval Academy graduate Class of 1919.  I have photographed profusely his material and records as to cut down typing time, thus you will see his official biographical data.

I have broken from this lot, other material relating to Admiral Hopwood’s career, that I have listed elsewhere, as I believe that only so much material can be afforded by most collectors. I will happily combine these other items with some negotiations to this archive if so desired.

This archive consist of (mainly):

  • Dress white uniform coat, pants, and visor cap, with ribbon bars.  Hapwood’s decorations and other medals are: (Distinguished Service Medal-NOT IN GROUP),   Legion of merit w. Combat “V” and gold star in lieu of second award;   Letter of Commendation with Combat “V” and bronze star in lieu of second award;   Victory Medal for WWI with Atlantic Fleet clasp;   Yangtze Service Medal;   American Defense Service Medal with Fleet clasp;   American Campaign Medal;  Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 4 engagement stars;  WWII Victory Medal;   National Defense Service Medal;   Korean Service Medal with 1 engagement star;   United Nations Service Medal;   Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 1 engagement star;   Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge;  Korean Presidential Unit Citation Badge;    Navy Cross- Order of Commander- Military Merit Taeguk, Gov’t of Korea;  Medal of Poating with Grand Cordon, Republic of China. (Citations, translations, and forwarding letters included for Foreign decoration only.


  • Evening dress uniform coat & pants with miniature medals. Made by James S. Lee, Hong Kong. Purchased while CIC Pacific Fleet, and in the rank of Admiral.


  • Medals and citations, including Philippine Presidential Unit Citation Badge; Navy Cross, Order of Commander;  boxed Peruvian Naval Cross, with citiation; Chinese Medal of Paoting with Grand Cordon, and certificates, etc., and Philippine Order of Merit.  All medals for the ribbons mentioned on uniform ribbon bars.  Hopwood received the Navy Distinguished Service Medal on retirement and was not included in this lot.    With the medals is a sterling 4 star shirt collar rank of Hopwood’s.


  • Documents; orders, letters, etc. back to pre WWII.   There are 9 file folds;  (1.) labeled- “Admiral Hopwood eyes only (Ret.)”, contains some original and type copies relating to retirement in 1960. A number of these are stamped “Personal- Confidential,” and are from other admirals, etc. 20 pieces minimum.   (2.) labeled- “Orders.”  Two sections, “Permanent Change of Station.” 1958 back to 1919 and not complete.  Autographed by Hopwood, high ranking officers- Sec of the Navy Dan Kimball, more.  Approximate 50 pieces.  The other side is “Temporary Additional Duty,” 1960 back to 1925.  More signatures not researches, 75+ pieces, most of which is 1950’s.  (3.)  “Copy Orders.” 100 piece approximate maybe more all relating to retirement.   (4.)  “Officer Service Record.”  1958 -1924.  signature of SecNav Thomas Gates, Jr. (several), Vice Admr Hollowell, 1936 period letters from USS Indianapolis, flagship for Scouting Force, with certificate by SecNav Claude S. Swanson,  stamped signature from Admr Leahy, 1935, certificate of appointment (not commission) for H becoming a Lieutenant dated 1925, signed by SecNav (acting) Douglas Robinson, Hopwood’s Oath of Service as Ensign 1919, more. Approximately 50+.   (5.) “Health Record.”  1960-1953.  20+.   (6.)  Marked “Original Orders” by a small lot of misc letters- documents on several matters.  15+.   (7.)  Another file with 60+ pieces mixed/loose letters and documents, some signatures (Admr Ricketts stationary), more.   (8.) “Return Trip Info.”  Small number of documents in this file, but 50++ of misc documents, cards, pamphlets, photos.  Includes a thank you for an invitation by Hopwood for the West Pakistan MGen. having attended a change of command ceremony at Pearl Harbor, telegrams.  (9.)  “Orders and Travel Claims.” 50+ pieces containing letters, document, vouchers etc.  Dates from 1951 back to 1943 (including document relating to service on USS Cleveland, Hopwood’s wartime command in the Pacific).


  • Several albums for visits to Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia, scrap albums, and more. These albums will contain from 1 to several photo per page. A few have only news clippings only.  Condition on the album covers is general very good, with some having issues at the spine. Contents are fine and clean.


  • Loose photos, personnel and press photos, private and various functions. One lot of loose 8x10s are copies from Hopwood’s visit to the ROC army in Korea. 25+.


  • Flight log from 1958- 1960. Thin, gold covered booklet.


  • Oil painting of his personal aircraft.  Not artist signed, oil on canvas, 20 x 25 framed.  Plaque reads, “CINCPACFLT/ FROM/ CREW 128424”


  • Guest book.  A good number of Navy, Army officers, State Dept types and US and foreign attaches, Foreign military officers, etc.  Lawton Collins, see images I have provided, but far more on the pages.


  • Presentation silver humidor from Royal Tai Navy, 1959. “To Admiral H. G. Hopwood, USN/  With the compliments of the Royal Thai Navy/ 21 February 1959”  Maker marked- sterling.  Measures, 9 x 5.5  x 3 high.


  • Presentation silver humidor from Field Marshal of Thailand. Presentation inside lid of humidor, “With Compliments and best wishes/ from/ Field Marshal (name in engraved script)/ (continued)/ Bangkok, Thailand”  Marker marked- sterling.  Measures, 8.5 x 4 x 1.5 high.


  • Cloth Scroll from the Chinese Navy, “The Best Friend of the Chinese Navy,”  2’x3′


There is more material that I did not get, obviously after 44 years of service Admiral Hopwood accumulated a great deal of material; some the family retained, one other collector maintains a small group, and the whereabouts of other items I am unaware of.  This is some load by itself.


This very large grouping would be shipping in several boxes, potentially totaling $250.00.  Any overage would be refunded to the buyer.

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