M1874 Light Artillery Saber Belt


A nice example of a later issue light artillery belt.

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The Pattern 1874 Light Artillery Saber Belt, in essence was the standard 1874 waist belt having leather slides with attached slings for mounting the 1840 Light Artillery Saber.  The forward hanger mount has the applied saber dismount hook.  Why the Ordnance Department chose to use these all leather hangers vs. the cavalry brass slides with removable hangers is uncertain.

This belt is marked for ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL / with two sets of inspectors initials.    The brass on the hangers has not been cleaned. Leather on everything is fine with light wear and surface crackling. The adjustment hook (having a flat hook type similar to Civil War- early IW belts), may indicate this belt was an early belt reused for the 1890 standing loop, that was use on the later artillery belts. There are no leather tightening slides on the hangers.

These are more scarce than the cavalry saber belts, as there far less regiments of artillery during the Indian Wars, and of those, only 2 companies were designated to be light companies.

A nice example, in overall very good- fine condition.

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