M1881 Colt / Schofield Revolver Holster- 3rd Type.

This type has a wider belt loop for wear on the woven cartridge belt.

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This model 1885 had the third largest belt loop applied to accommodate the woven cartridge belt or Prairie Belt Model of 1885.  This 3rd Type was used in the later part of the Indian Wars 1885-90’s period.

Complete with plug, and show a good amount of service. Crazed leather over most of the surface, more so on the flap. Rock Island Arsenal stamp on flap nearly gone.  US in oval worn down over the “U” mostly.  Most wear to leather is at the end folds of the belt loop. All stitching is tight.

An ideal holster to use for display on the belt, and has a decent look.

A great holster for the money.

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Weight 4 lbs