Meyer Sterling Barrage Balloon School DUI

Nicely marked N.S. Meyer distinctive unit insignia in STERLING.

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Hard to find Barrage Balloon School distinctive unit insignia made in STERLING , by N.S. Meyer, New York. This school first established in April of 1942, at Camp Tyson, Tenn.  Graduates were assigned to Barrage Balloon battalions, and use in overseas operations protecting vital cities, ports, and beach landing areas, etc.  The “Big Bags” or “Sky Elephants” as they were called flew at various altitudes; attached to thin steel cables that were nearly undetectable to enemy aircraft. A few of these units were comprised of all Black soldiers.

The school at Camp Tyson closed in 1945, at the end of the war.  The need for barrage balloons was no longer needed as the world moved into the nuclear age.

Very good condition with minute chipping in red enamel at one point in the lower edge.  Magnification is needed to see the slight chipping.  Well marked.

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