MGen. Irwin’s Copy -5th Infantry Division Diary SOLD

95 page type written war diary marked SECRET and later corrected to Confidential. July 1, 1944- April 21, 1945.


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This typed written work is the war diary maintained by Major General Stafford LeRoy Irwin, commanding general of the 5th Infantry Division in WWII. This 95 pages work begins in July of 1944, just after D-Day when the 5th Division comes ashore at Normandy to begin their war in the ETO, and end on 21 April, 1945.

Each page is typed “SECRET” and later hand corrected to “Confidential” in ink. The diary is contained in a well worn manila folder, with typed heading, ” General’s Irwins Diary (4 Copies), July 1-44 April 21-45.

Along with the dairy came a 5th Division patch that was once on uniform, and a pair of German Made Distinctive Unit insignia for the 5th Infantry Regiment.

General Irwin and the 5th Division were originally assigned to 1st Army but later transferred to Patton’s Third Army for the remaining drive against Germany. On April 21, 1945, Irwin took command of the XII Corps until September of that year.

General Irwin was from a long line of military officers.  He was born on March 23, 1893- d. Nov. 23, 1955.  A was a member of  USMA Class of 1911 that graduated in 1915; “The Class the Stars Fell On,” including Eisenhower, Bradley, Van Fleet, etc.  He was commissioned into the cavalry, with service in the Mexican Punitive Expedition with Gen. Pershing.  He began WWII as the commander of the 9th Infantry Division Artillery in North Africa, serving well at the Battle of Kasserine Pass.

A scarce period history maintained by the Commander of the 5th Division.

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