Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Catalog Circa 1887


A scarce catalog produced around 1887, showing military and civilian web belts, and other informative information. First one I have seen.

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Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Catalog Circa 1887, published by Thomas C. Orndorff, Worcester, Mass.  Rigid, soft covers, 48 pages, well illustrated.  (size 5.5 x 8.5 approximate).

Inside front and back covers are illustrated with sporting and military products respectively, showing the awarded medals, etc. The text begins with improvements on the web belts as of 1887, and illustrates the process for weaving the webbed loops, new system of using eyelets to allow brass hangers to be mounted to suspend bayonets, and other gear from the belt; the construction of the belt plates, etc.

Some of the belts and other products shown are the Lee belt, Money purse (incorporated into the webbing), Cardboard box with label (see illustration of hunter, I have never seen a Mills box for sale),

There are several examples of belt plate made by the company, most I have photographed, Republic of Chile, Guardia Colombiana, Texas, Louisiana, police.  Also an illustration of a Mills patent spur.  Several paged devoted to the types of cartridges that can be used with Mills belt.

The catalog concludes with the insertion of testimonials by leading Army and Navy figures, and other well known personage.

The catalog show surprisingly light wear and usage. You couldn’t want for a better example, considering the age.

This is a must for the Mills collector, and most needed for displays, it being most graphic in its presentation.


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