Muster Roll for Company G 10th Cavalry At Fort Sill I.T. – SOLD

Co. G’s muster roll for Oct. of 1872, while garrisoned at Fort Sill, Indian Territory.

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Muster Roll for Company G 10th Cavalry At Fort Sill I.T.

Muster Roll Dated October 31, 1872 for “G” Company 10th U.S. Cavalry. This large document covered the period of 31 August to 31 October, 1872, then stationed at Fort Sill, I.T.

Remarks made out by the company commander Lieutenant S.R. Colladay, ( Captain P.L. Lee’s Co.) recorded the company “…returned from the field on the 31st of August, 72  ,,,,,, Station at Ft. Sill, I.T.  and has performed usual duties since then.”

Remarks made on the front of the document records promotions, assignments, monies do the post trader, and more.

George Wheeler Schofield,(1833 -1882), was a career army officer who was a Brevet Brigadier General during the Civil War. He served on the frontier with the 41st Infantry, the Black 10th Cavalry & 6th Regiments of Cavalry, superintendent of the US Military Academy, and commanding general of the Army.  The Schofield Army Revolver was named for him, Schofield having made modifications through patents, and received payment on each gun sold to the army on the Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver .

Captain Samual R. Colladay was in the 6th Pa. Cavalry during the Civil War cavalry officer, and received a commission the the regular army as a lt. in the 10th U.S. Cavalry. In 1881, while on an expedition from Fort Stockton, Texas, he was severely wounded.  He died from a brief illness at Fort Stockton in 1884.

The document lists all the names of the men, and any remarks recorded concerning them. (see photos). On the back side is listed two men who were discharged and one who died at Fort Sill’s post hospital.

Document is 20 x 32 inches.  Some small openings at the juncture of folds.

An excellent record for this Buffalo Soldier company during the early Indian Wars era on the Southern Plains.

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